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Several features of the filling equipment include automatic single-head and multi-head fillers and cappers with moderate and high-speed capabilities, as well as in-line inkjet coding and labeling. Our lines include the capacity of applying tamper evident or heat induction seals. We have packaging lines dedicated to kitting so we can accommodate most specialty kit configuration. 


DLK has the experience and technical capabilities to successfully manage your project, whether it is a technical transfer or a full product line development. How can we serve you?

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Wonderful, professional service.

Our In-House Analytical Lab can perform full and partial testing on material entering and leaving our facility. Our testing protocol includes non-compendia in-house or customer developed methods as well as compendia methods set forth by the USP/NF/FCC monographs. Our In-House Analytical Lab is equipped to perform the following tests:

  • ID Testing (Including GC & FTIR )
  • Color Analysis using Orbeco Hellige Nesslerizer System
  • Wet Chemistry Techniques
  • Microprocessor based pH and temperature analysis
  • Kinematic Viscosities
  • Oxidation reduction measuring potential
  • Refractive Index
  • Monograph specific tests
  • Microscopic examination and analysis
  • Assay by titration

All material leaving our facility is visually inspected and undergoes an ID by FTIR in addition to other required tests. Any additional required testing beyond the scope of our laboratory is available to UPI through our outside lab services.

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