Fr. Paul’s Soaps and Lotions

Fr. Paul was a missionary who dedicated his life to helping the less fortunate among use in countries through-out Central America.  During the course of his life working in Central America, Fr. Paul created an all-natural soap and lotion from fruits and plants grown only in Central America.  Fr. Paul originally created his soaps and lotions to help the people living in the areas he was serving as a missionary that suffered from excessive dry skin and dry hair.

DLK Cosmetics have taken Fr. Paul’s original formula and created soaps and lotions that we hope you will fall in love with it as we all have here.

In the sprite of Fr. Paul’s mission in life to try to leave the world better than what he found it, we will contribute a percentage of every product sold from Fr. Paul’s soap products to a charity that is helping the less fortunate.

For smooth, soft skin, treating it with care is essential. That’s where Fr. Paul’s products can help.